School Academic Champions for eLearning (ACes) in EPS


Foundation Studies Jonathan Sly
Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science Tom Rodgers
Chemistry Tim Wallace
Computer Science Andy Brass filling in for Bijan Parsia (sabbatical)
Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Alison Pawley
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Geoff Rubner
Materials Iain Stalker
Mathematics Colin Steele
Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering Fiona Saunders
Physics and Astronomy Niels Walet

School Academic Champions

  • Promote the use of eLearning to enhance the student experience and increase effectiveness of teaching and administration
  • Develop and monitor their School plan for eLearning reflecting the needs of Programmes and/or disciplines across their School (appendix to the School Teaching and Learning Plan)
  • Identify opportunities for innovation in teaching and learning, with the support of the Faculty eLearning Team and Teaching & Learning staff
  • Promote opportunities for using eLearning resources and eLearning activities to enhance the learning experience of students throughout their School
  • Disseminate best practice across their School and Faculty

EPS_Academic_Champion_ for_eLearning_role description_v1-2 (docx)

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